Every time I give this city a chance, it proves itself to be the shithole that it truly is. Thanks El Paso. 

Andrew Jackson Jihad - American Tune

"Because my skin and my gender and my orientation
Are the best things to have when you live in this nation
I recommend it highly”


side note nothing is worse than the #milso tag on tumblr I hate these women who glorify dating a soldier, acting as if they deserve a fucking bronze star for staying with their husbands through deployment or basic training or anything it makes me sick to my core

God Damn It Amy


This song is about those people who have that shortcut to fucking you up. You know? This song’s called Tell Tale Signs.

Let it be known that today i walked 12 miles because I was too stubborn to call for help.


Road Bike Party 2 - Martyn Ashton

"In contrast to the original film – which used a completely stock Pinarello Dogma 2 – Martyn felt that the riding demanded some choice modifications, chiefly in the brake department to boost power and control to allow him to be able to really push his riding. In order to do this, some choice modifications were made (see annotations). This all pushed the bike’s total value to £15,000 ($24,500) approx.”

Can We all just appreciate the fact that Martyn spent 25,000 dollars on a bike so he could take it of jumps.

I hate everything about El Paso. Everything.

Bo Burnham on The Pete Holmes Show - 3/5/14

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Hey look its me again.

Hey look its me again.

Pagosa Springs, CO

Pagosa Springs, CO

Even though the uniform inspection was announced a month ago. The only day that matters to the soldier is the night before.

I connect so deeply with Bob’s Burger’s gifs that I have started watching all the episodes again.

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